Hello friends;

Welcome to First Light, our little campaign and spot on the internets. I would love for you all to get involved with this site and add stuff to the wiki, especially loads of background/detail about your characters, stories, motivations, artwork etc.

For my part I plan on using this website to keep track of everything to do with our campaign and to keep it all in one place we we can all look it up at any time. Also I will be offering rewards (Will be discussed when we meet up) for adding content to this site.

It’s easy to use and a great tool for us to keep track of everything.

I look forward to bringing you all together to play some dungeons and dragons and have a few good laughs along the way.

About the campaign: Ok so because we are all a little rusty (or new) I’m going to start off our campaign with a couple of pre-printed adventures to ease us back into the swing of roleplaying. You will start off at level one and play a short dungeon crawl to learn the new dnd 4e system. Then from there we will move onto a much less linear and more lengthy adventure. I will post some intro information for you to read over in the adventure log to get you started so you can think about what kind of character you want to make etc, and maybe even start writing some background (if you wish).

To the new players: Please don’t be scared about roleplaying, it’s a fun and interesting hobby that is social and a great laugh. There is no right or wrong way to play and it’s all about having fun and getting the most out of the experience. We have a couple of very experienced players in the group so I will be peering you guys up with them to help you out.

I can’t wait to start;

DM James

First Light

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