First Light

The Downfall of Malarak

Come hither now and hear this tale,
Hold fast young man, and don’t turn pale,
For dashing Gaeleis and his band,
These heroes bold, did save this land,
By daring to face down Malarak.

With foes defeated, their spilled blood pooling,
Dead eyes staring, and bodies cooling,
The heroes crept into dark chamber,
Towards an altar of gods much stranger.
Within the shadows, evil loomed,
Pale eyes flashing, that they were doomed.
For not a moment our hero’s heart still,
The lithe rouge ascending, a game of thrill
From the bull’s head, he claimed his price,
Two moonstones taken, prised from eyes.

Onward he led them, to chambers deep
Beyond wooden doors, did more foes speak.
As one together the party entered,
A lone goblin guarded, but nay relented.
Instead a dagger was what it threw;
Our hero staggered, but held his due.
A wayward arrow set carefully in place,
The dwarf’s fine hammer, swung like a mace.
Mages’ magic soon too would fly;
It seemed this fiend was soon to die.

But doors swung open and more arrived
With hulking Bugbear, the battle thrived.
The magess was struck upon her face,
The wall of stone, her blood did grace.
So mighty Gaeleis angered and true,
With his trusty short sword slew.
And as the goblin fell to ground,
He bowed to the lady, so honour bound.
Another goblin met its fate,
Under magics power, and glaring hate,
The Bugbear taken against its will,
And as weapon used, its ally to kill.

The last goblin swung with a yell,
It slipped, it tripped and then it fell.
It jumped to feet, its eye now gore,
Pierced by the arrow, placed long before.
Gaeleis advanced, flashing his bright steel,
The Bugbear fell, wounds never to heal,
And as it went to breathe its last,
Glowing arrows whizzed on past.
Striking cold the runaway,
The party true, had won this day.

Beyond the doors, their foes had come,
They found one chained, and all but done.
They call him Ohr, or maybe Appy,
Though green of skin, a nice old chappy.
From chains released, armour returned,
Though should perhaps, his clothing burned.
He joined the party in their quest,
And went in front, which they thought best.
So kicking down another door,
In the room undead galore,
And there before the table’s stack,
The dread necromancer, Malarak.

Skeletons advanced at quite some pace,
The party members took their place.
And one more time, they charged into battle.
Hammer, sword, magic, against bones’ rattle.
Between undead there is no blame,
For none could stop the magesses’ flame.
Ohr cried out and swung his hammer,
The destruction wrought was not just glamour.
The zombie folded and bones did shatter,
Two of them gone in quite a clatter.

His forces hurt, the dark mage acted,
With magic deadly, his gas impacted.
The dark magic forced its way within,
And tried to eat their very skin.
Then Gaeleis raised his bow and shot,
Warning the mage to end his lot.
Instead the evil fiend replied,
With a magic bolt into his side.

So with the zombie down for the count,
The Necromancer’s time came to account.
The agile rogue closed to his foe,
His sword into mage back to stow.
Instead the dark wizard fled the scene,
More deadly gas where he had been.
Yet there really was no place to run,
With magic arrow the fiend was done,
And as he fell, he breathed his last,
His reign of terror was finally past.

So what now of our mighty crew?
What path in history will they hew?
Thus they returned to Fallcrest town
The box they sought, both wrapped and bound.
And there they meet up with the Prince
Now let me tell what’s happened since.

Brave Gaeleis and his mighty band,
Were bid to travel across the land.
“Head ye there to Harkenwood,
And see if you can do some good.
For there is something just not right
And on this land it is a blight.
Find out who is behind this plot,
Then most kindly, make them to stop.”
So the Party left down the track,
“We will report when we get back.”

For days they walked along the road,
Wondering what seeds they’d sowed.
Then up a head they saw a sight,
That made their hearts, all take to fright.
A column of smoke they saw arising
Beyond the trees on the horizon.
So they diverted to where it lead,
And found below a burning stead.
The family there was locked within,
By sharp-toothed wolf and smelly brigand.

“Can we join?” Ohr asked serenely,
They were asked to leave, quite obscenely.
The party knew they must do more,
But failed deception meant battle sure.
So Gaeleis ran in, light on his feet,
And into wolf, set arrow deep.
The brigands ran, and jumped the wall,
It had so soon become a brawl.
Hammers swung, by muscled hands
To remove the brigands from the lands.
While in behind the magics flew
And flames about their fell foes grew.

A hammer fell, and skulls were shattered.
Magic flared, and evil scattered.
The elven rogue stabbed, a brigand dying
But being dense, his friends kept trying.
Tithe cast a shocking spell
And sent another straight to hell.
Then Flynt the Short a well placed a blow
Upon a target that ceased to know,
Finally Gaeleis with swinging blade
The last wolf fell, its life forbade.

As the final brigand hit the ground
The trapped good lady did outward bound.
“Oh my saviours, by what is right,
Well you not all stay the night?
The Iron Circle that you have best
They hold the Baron and all the rest.
To start a rebellion is such a task
Until your coming we had none to ask.
Would you being willing to join this plan?
Then go ye south to the Druid Reithann.”

They headed for the Druid’s Grove
There to discuss those that they all loathe
But Cealyanna’s spell set for Friendly
Turned their contact into an enemy
She was not happy by cast of spell,
And let the party know by hell
Until the Rogue did mention she
Whom from the brigands, they had set free
That at last seemed to impress,
At least the party she did address.

“For reward of saving Ilyana alone,
I will to you, then toss this bone.
There are so many hearts of gold
And all be found inside Tor’s Hold
But to release them to do good,
First you must kill the Bullywug.
For victory will be quite hollow
If threat remains from the Toad Wallow.
All now go forth from this place
For to Tor’s Hold you must make haste.
And when there you are all and done,
You will then see what has begun.”

So for now we leave our heroes
Hoping they not end as food for wallows.
They head along roads with hearts so bold,
For what now waits them at Tor’s Hold,
There to once more save the lands.



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