First Light

Into the Temple

Well here we are once again. Dont ask me why I agreed to come along, the last time I did something like this I almost got charbroiled by a dragon…I really dislike dragons. Hopefully it will be a pretty simple job, run in get the box, run out. Or perhaps it will be slightly more difficult, run in, maim whoever has the box, get the box and THEN run out. As long as there are no dragons…as I mentioned before, I do not care for dragons.

As we approach the temple I start to think perhaps my luck has stayed good for once, the place looks practically deserted, likely just a few people inside around whatever trinket they’ve stollen, we still haven’t been told what it is, and of course even when we find the thing we’re not to look inside. Isn’t that always the way, “Oh please Adventurers, we must get this item of SUPREME IMPORTANCE back, but you must not look at it…for to do so will surely bring upon you CERTAIN DOOM!” Personally I just think they are afraid if we know what it is we’ll steal it. As if I would ever steal. Then again this rogue we’ve brought with us does look rather shifty…so perhaps they have a point.

Apparantly his name is Gaelius or something like that, if you ask me he seems a bit full of himself, but then rogues often do. The cleric seems a bit more sensible, perhaps he and I will get along…then again he’s a dwarf so perhaps not. Ah right…the temple. Though it looked deserted from the outside once we got inside we heard all types of scurrying about and almost immediately we noticed a kobold staring at us from the nearest hallway. Being of a diplomatic nature I tried speaking with the thing, they do possess some intelligence so I figured it was worth a shot. He didn’t seem to impressed with me, but the dwarf held up one of his holy symbols and he did seem quite impressed by that. Or at least so we thought, he decided that he would take us to his master. I expected another Kobold myself, perhaps slightly larger, perhaps with a bit more bling than the others, but no, of course it couldn’t be that simple. He took us to a dragon. A bloody dragon. It was a smaller than normal dragon, probably a younger one, but even a young dragon can be a bloody pain in the arse. Thankfully the thing did not try to kill us straight away. Once again we tried the art of diplomacy, though it seemed that our silver tongues had turned to rusty iron that day, it didn’t take long before our attempts at placating landed us in hot water, or cold ice as it would be. The dragon was an ice dragon of sorts, and his breath was damned cold. The fight was touch and go, and at one point I thought perhaps we would lose both the rogue and the cleric, but no…eventually we made it out alive. Can’t say the same for the dragon though, when we left it it was quite dead, and missing more than a few scales, and some gold, the rogue got a rather nice new set of armor. I could have sworn there was a bit more in that pile, but then one came become confused about such things when fighting for one’s life. While the men busied themselves with the dragon’s hoard I noticed took a moment to study the strange portal on the floor, it became clear that it was some type of scrying device when images of the city began to move across the thing. The one who brought us on the trip (quite a quiet little thing for a leader) was shocked to see visions of her village, more shocking yet was that it looked as though it was being or had been attacked. After assuring her that we would do what we can we decided it was best to move on, there was still a great deal of temple to explore, and this blasted box yet to find. Hopefully the rest of the temple would be far more quiet.

Of course just saying that probably jinxed it, the next room was no better than the last. Goblins and a drake…rather touch goblins, the drake was suprisingly easy. Once again the Cleric and the Rogue got their asses very nearly handed to them. There is something to say for being able to stay in the back and cast your spells, you get far less injured. The downed creatures were sadly lacking in anything of use on their persons, though we did manage to find a bit more gold which is always nice. I have to say there are quite a few scrying devices in this temple…we came across another after the goblins and the drake, this time it showed us the image of a chessboard of all things. I had no idea what to make of that until we once again got up, dusted ourselves off and moved on…to a room with a floor like a chessboard of all things. Shocking! Not being a player of chess myself I hung back while the Gaelius (the rogue) and Flint (the cleric) charged ahead. sigh Men. Suprisingly the rogue seemed to know a bit about the game, he figured out that it would be best if we moved in directions as our pieces would…the cleric had other ideas. The moment he stepped out of place the pieces on the opposite side of the board seemed to come to life. I must admit I uttered some rather inpolite words at that point. But there was nothing to do for it, we would have to, once again, fight our way out. Thankfully, for me anyway, the majority of the pieces seemed quite focused on the men, I had to deal with only one knight myself…not overly difficult, though I did manage to get a bit battered in the doing.

The next room was less artistic than the last…it was also guarded by hideous horrible looking giant rat. I hate rats almost as much as I hate dragons. I decided it prudent to hang towards the back once again. After all if the thing was deseased there was no reason for all of us to get bitten. As it would happen this was a wise decision on my part since soon after we arrived the horrible beast was practically foaming at the mouth. Thankfully event a large rat isn’t an extremely difficult fight, it was quickly dispatched with no injury to myself. As for the others…well they were still alive, that is something right? Sadly this was not the only rat that we would face, soon after that one was dispatched we were accosted by another, this time accompanied by goblins as well, and we thought this place deserted. Silly us.

The goblins died, as did the other rat though not without more injuries and one almost afflicted rogue, he was bitten but thankfully he appears to have avoided catching the rat’s desease…whatever it may have been. Surely we had to be nearly at the end of this infernal temple, it seemed as though we’d been walking through the place, or fighting through the place for days now. Oh wait…we had been. The next room was no better than the last, though thankfully it lacked deseased rats this time. No..instead it had some very human, very annoying miscreants intent upon our death. Then again most of the things we’d met had been intent upon our death, not much of a change after all. These were some tough ugly men, with some very sharp weapons. The fight was touch and go but thankfully the rogue was able to warn us ahead of time about their presence, we came up with a plan. The men did as men are wont to do, they hit them with weapons, me…I did something completely different, I took over one of the tougher looking ones and had HIM hit the others with weapons. Alright, perhaps it wasn’t all that creative, but it worked. After an exhausting fight, one of the little weasels turned on the others, only when it was obvious that they would lose of course. The remaining enemies were dispatched in short order and we were able to get some information from the turncoat before releasing him back into the wild. Whether this information was true or was false remains to be seen. If it was false there is little doubt that he’ll be seeing us again.


Very good quest write up Dawn. It had me on the edge of my seat and I’m the DM! You will be justly rewarded for your efforts, maybe I won’t kill your character this week after all :P

Into the Temple

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